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  1. ....... I will make it short ....... I had the same problem with my account - it worked only in malwarebytes forum and I try everything but did't work, soo I make the new account with the same Email here : https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login ~ and I verified my account , with this step maybe you can work this out for your problem. P.S. - You can use the same or different Email - it's up to you. ... Cheers .
  2. @dcollins @nikhils @bdubrow @AdvancedSetup ....... I get the same problem as Kevin and Prettyclaire above, my original email account is lost and I have no access to it, - i have lifetime license for Malwarebytes, but also I have Forum account and I have email account where i get newsletter from Malwarebytes . P.S. I can't remember what happen with my original email account - it was some years ago - I think is the same email like my forum account and my newsletter account email - but when I try to log in with my Program - I can't !!! And when i try again to tipe it, is the same - I can't Log In !!! ....... So after a few attempts I'm sure it's not the same email address (email account) like my forum account and newsletter email account. How to make an account on: my . Malwarebytes . com ??? Please Help ! Thanks !
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