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  1. ....... I will make it short ....... I had the same problem with my account - it worked only in malwarebytes forum and I try everything but did't work, soo I make the new account with the same Email here : https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login ~ and I verified my account , with this step maybe you can work this out for your problem. P.S. - You can use the same or different Email - it's up to you. ... Cheers .
  2. @dcollins @nikhils @bdubrow @AdvancedSetup ....... I get the same problem as Kevin and Prettyclaire above, my original email account is lost and I have no access to it, - i have lifetime license for Malwarebytes, but also I have Forum account and I have email account where i get newsletter from Malwarebytes . P.S. I can't remember what happen with my original email account - it was some years ago - I think is the same email like my forum account and my newsletter account email - but when I try to log in with my Program - I can't !!! And when i try again to tipe it, is the same - I can't
  3. I have an Account here on the Malwarebytes Forum - (for maybe 2-3 years) - I use Malwarebytes softwares way more than that !!! = But when I want to Log in to other sites on Malwarebytes = Like : Labs, Support, Products, etc. And when I go to my Account = Do Not Recognize My Email and My Password & Not even my Name - My Login Name .? Works Only On Malwarebytes Forum !!! ....... Sooooo ....... Do we need two different Accounts here at Malwarebytes sites = One for the Forum and One for the Other Stuff ?!?!?! - Really ??? - Why ??? - HELP US WITH ANSWER - THANK YOU !!!
  4. @daledoc1 Thank you for your very quick response !!! And YES, In My settings the upgrade tab is properly configured = ( the box is checked "ON" ) = like I said I Use Malwarebytes Products for years - soo ..... Here is the Pics. ............. And for the MBAM issues, OK , thanks for the Link. Thank You very much !!!
  5. Hello Malwarebytes TEAM Why My Malwatebites Anti-Exploit Premium Won't Upgrade Automatically to new versions ( Never, Never ) - And The Same Is With Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (Premium), I Allways need to download Manually the new version of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit & Anti-Malware and installed Manually - BUT THEN Allways, Allways Ask me for my ID & my Serial Key, (Of course I enter the ID & Serial Key), BUT this should to be easy - NOT like this !!! ( I Use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, & Anti-Malware For Years - and now + Anti-Ransomware Beta ) !!! Is th
  6. I know that (I read it), i just saying that because i like the MBARW program, and if will be incorporated into MBAM Premium in the future - than i am very OK - i have the Premium MBAM I am using it for years, and will still use it, also the MBAE Premium, so it'll be great. Thanks Firefox, Thanks Very Much For Your Reply , Greetings !!!
  7. And BTW , if MBARW Program become a permanent standalone product, i will Totally Download it and have it on my computer - in addition to my MBAM & my MBAE - More Usefull Protection .YES !!!
  8. Yeah, it happens to me also, whenever i start my computer - the window on Malwarebytes Anti-RansomWare is always open - not minimized as my other startups programs, beside that everything else is great, i love the program & i use the program, sooo keep with the great job ""MALWAREBYTES TEAM"" P.S. "1PW" thank you for your answer.
  9. I wanted to ask just this question, so thank you in advance for the answer.
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