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  1. The attached file is a non-interactive real-time rendered demonstration that was compressed to fit into 64 kbytes. It doesn't have any network capabilities and doesn't modify the system. According to the following VirusTotal link your software flagged it as malicious: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e9e0d7f4618e82df29e8de7c62c20ab79db4668a4e040930ba9e633fd1104992/detection We'd like to request for the executable to be whitelisted. The password to the archive is infected, the file in the archive is an executable with the file extension omitted to get around mail filters. submissionAMD.zip
  2. Hi. My name is Barna Buza, I'm a member of a community of digital artists called the Demoscene. One of the products of this community is called a 64kbyte intro, which is a single executable that, when run, creates an audiovisual demonstration in real-time. To achieve this, our releases are compressed with executable packers, and are often falsely flagged as malware. I'm writing to you to request our latest production, 'Offscreen Colonies' to be put on your white list. If required, I can also send an uncompressed version for easier analysis. As this request is based on a virustotal query, I am unable to supply you with logs from the actual scan. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f77c48b7fa1ed262bb5f6cd603906380e2977ddf3f94af0d70aa9edf36fe12a3/analysis/1429401336/ You can download the problematic file from the following url: http://conspiracy.hu/releases/cns%21oc.zip I'm also attaching the file to this message. Sincerely, Barna 'BoyC' Buza http://conspiracy.hu cns!oc.zip
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