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  1. Seems like there is nobody interested in answering from such respective staff and so well known AntiVirus brand. I have the same problem. And NAS attached to my home office network and accessible from outside.
  2. One thing can work. The only record may be made by hardware camera filming screen and pc during this event
  3. Nothing is recording, even Intel RST is not, it has no log as such. Just after removal done by MB it restarts system, and raids are disintegrated and IRST is verifying them, no records at all, this is how the systems are designed LMFAO thank you MS-standards
  4. I do not know what is AST but OK .. we are talking about Intel RST ... nobody likes extra job Part of my response. And records from MB that it has destroyed integrity of raid 5 or raid 1 How would you get it... this made me laugh .... I spent my time and described all problem and you did not even read it. This is not really possible even windows doesn't record such event. So you have to lay on my words. Do test. Prepare PC with Intel RST and try it. You will see. I am just annoyed with it. And have full knowledge now how to prevent disin
  5. in response to your inquiry: "Julia (Malwarebytes Support) Jul 26, 11:04 PDT Hello Piotr, Thank-you for running the support tool, Unfortunately none of the logs show any reference to Malwarebytes interfering with the integrity of of Intel AST raid disks Do you have any logs, reports, screenshots etc. showing the issue with Intel RST? Regards Julia Wallace Sr. Malware Removal Specialist Imagine a world without malware. We do."
  6. Hi this bothers me for years, Now I decided to discuss it with you. Intel RST integrity is destroyed after removal of threats by Malwarebytes, it happens on IRST all times, for years, on different hardware and with different versions of Malwarebytes, free and licensed. I forgot today to remove manually threats discovered during scan and let MB do it and... it resulted in checking integrity of my 4 times 4 TB raids bu drivers from RST, this took 6 h and my PC was not usable at all, what a waste of time, the only one verified with error was the one with threats, all other verified wit
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