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  1. Problem solved fallowing steps from topic https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/208622-windows-10-cannot-install-malwarebytes-3-error-5/ Thank you Malwarebytes!!
  2. Here is attached Zip file results from MB-Check.I can only wait now to staff members help me. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Hallo Malwarebytes i have problem with installing,getting error 5?Same problem like this one.Can someone please help me to resolve this?https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/208622-windows-10-cannot-install-malwarebytes-3-error-5/
  4. @dcollins You can close this topic.It is pointless to look for the further problem solution.
  5. Scan stop again on same place without installed antivirus.
  6. @dcollins It's done without antivirus program.I send to you zipped folder in private message.
  7. I send to you zipped folder in private message few days ago right after you write instructions.#29
  8. Ok i do everything what did you said.Download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST(64bit i check my system).After Farbar finish two files created on my desktop like you said.Then i run mb-check and create zip folder(without Malwarebytes scan).
  9. @dcollins I replace ServiceConfig.json and i did everything you said.What is next?
  10. Sorry @dcollins but i don't see anywhere attached ServiceConfig.json and second how to run mb-check(what is that).Once again sorry but now i'm little confused.
  11. @dcollins Hi i send to you attached fixlist file in private message.
  12. @dcollins I already done that in step #14 and i send you zipped folder in private message few days ago.What will this make a different from the previous step #14,i doing this second time for few days.But here i do it again and send to you zipped folder in private message.
  13. What kind of information do you need?If this problem has nothing with Malwarebytes but have with mine PC,then never mind i'll take him to service.
  14. What is the point then of the previous 10 Yes i send him zip file.
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