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  1. It seems to be working fine now! All buynsave pop ups seem to have gone, and the extension on Chrome isn't reappearing. Thanks very much!
  2. Both files are attached. Thanks AdwCleanerS0.txt Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi TwinHeadedEagle, Thanks for the quick reply! Attached are the two files created by the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi there, My PC seems to have become infected with the buynsave virus. No matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of it! I have seen a couple of support threads on here which show how to remove the virus, but they clearly say not to use the fixes stated as it is specific to the original poster's query. When I do try to remove the buynsave virus through 'programs and features' in the control panel, using Malwarebytes and by resetting chrome/IE settings, the extension just seems to reappear after a little while on Chrome. Any support would be hugely appreciated! Many Thanks, Jack
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