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  1. Hey all, We configured our syslog settings to forward logs to our logging server. It appears to only sort of be working. We'll get a detection at 2:08AM, but they aren't forwarding to our logging server until a few hours later. And we're noticing sometimes nothing gets forwarded. Is there any better documentation outside of the "just put your syslog server settings here" that is in the Management Console? Or any hints or tips on how to make this work better?
  2. Hello, We discovered a few weeks ago that our on premise Malwarebytes Endpoint Security server was not sending any alert emails. We restarted the server and the emails began to function again. My question is, is there a way to clear the email queue that looks like was built up? I disabled emails for a day or two, then re-enabled hoping that would do so, but it appears that it didn't work. Just this morning I received emails from Anti-Exploit for alerts that happened on 1/12/2018 and 1/10/2018. And emails from Anti-Malware from 1/27/2018 also. Any advice is welcome, thanks!
  3. So we are a new Malwarebytes Endpoint Security customer, and so far everything is working quite well actually. What I am wondering though is something I have never come across and I can't seem to find any answers no matter how much I Google and dig through forums. I ran a scan remotely through the management console on a user's computer. It found some potential malware but it is giving a DENY operation when trying to quarantine or remove it. I've never seen this before and I can't seem to understand what it means. See screenshot.
  4. We are trying to do a network deploy of the .MSI Installation Package that I created within the Policy section of the Management Console and we are running into some problems. We are able to successfully deploy through the actual management console, which is fine. But we'd like to be able to use the generated .msi files and deploy them with Lansweeper. All of our other applications/software are done this way and it makes a nice one step process for new workstations. I don't know if it's having a problem with the .msi not installing as admin, or what is happening. All of the other .msi'
  5. I don't know if this will be seen with the age of this thread, but I'm running into problems deploying the ClientSetup.msi that I have created through Lansweeper. I believe it fails because it's not being run as administrator, but that is not possible to set the run as administrator option on an MSI as it's being deployed through Lansweeper. We don't have any problems with any of our other MSI's so I'm curious if anyone else has run into this problem?
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