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  1. Maurice... okay I did take the time to "check out" the cut and paste articles you listed. They tell me nothing new or anything I didn't already know about the system tray of win10. The MB icon is not simply "hidden" in the system tray.
  2. Maurice, Thanks for the info but I have no difficulties locating and rearranging icons in the system tray and often display and 'hide' certain ones that are more or less critical for me. When it is available, I place the MB icon in the "hidden" part of the system tray. I do know where to look for the icons, but I appreciate the effort.
  3. Fast start is not enabled and UAC is not disabled (is at default). But thanks.
  4. Hello, I've been unsuccessful in permanently fixing a problem with MB3.8.3.2965 and a missing system tray icon on a fully patched Win 10x64 PC. I've tried using the latest Support Tool "Repair" and "Clean" features. "Fix" has been tried twice, and the "Clean" and reinstall feature once. Both methods initially result in the MB3 system tray icon displaying but after a few days of restarts it disappears again. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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