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  1. This started happening a few weeks ago when I noticed my pic acting up a little. Today I am without a computer writing on an Android tablrtpblet. I don know what kind of software this is but it is now in my clouds. It has access to my email accounts from mac Keychain and Last pass. When I was using a boot disk for Windows I teamviewer the session, bad move, but I don't think it spread then. On my iPhone I wasn't really hooked up to my provider but to a proxy. I have I file so I saw there were a bunch of downloads of documents to root folders with paths to folders in Ios and OS and what seemed like directions telling whoever has been doing this to make sure to use one path on OS and not IOS. This is my livelihood and thousands of dollars of soft and hardware that are in jeopardy as well as every single one of my email clients and all of the websites I manage or own. I am on an Android tablet as of now. Today I logged on Mac and noticed a folder of x Microsoft Office on the desktop. That was the first sign before on my Dell that something was wrong I tried to save it but now it is asking for my Bios pass and this computer I bought off of an old friend in a different state who now lives overseas almost impossible to get a hold of until his wedding in July, even then he isn't going to know it. There was files directed to install placed in my Dropbox and icloud. They took control of my Keychain and the Last pass account I saw in my console as I was trying to kill process after process that would just respawn immediately and 4 remote users and VM'a running all at once. There was software installed on my iPhone that has been monitoring me for I would say two weeks. I don't know if I am being targeted or just unlucky. I need help, now for the Mac which when I login starts getting attacked even with my wifi off they will automatically switch it on and with my personal router, that I now suspect to be actually running an Xfinity Hotspot for the area as when I turn it off the Xfinity signal dissappeara as well. Anyone know what to do? Sorry I am on a tablet so spelling errors I'm sure but I am too stressed to fix. I have many documents of their documents they left in Dropbox and on root of my iPhone which I can no longer use due to it being taken over just like the mac. Thanks, what is happening
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