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  1. I've played Conan Exiles for years suddenly Malwarebytes is randomly blocking it, not every time. I have added it to the Allow List but it still does it. This is the link to the start button. I'm running the game through Steam. Mike
  2. Hi I've subscribed to Malwarebytes for a long time, I have a license for 3 devices. My account shows 0 of 3 devices availabe, but lists only 2 devices, the third device no longer exists, but since it doesn't show I can't deactivate it, how can I make the third device available for my Android tablet?
  3. Here's the clean log, but there was nothing to clean this time, something seems to have fixed the problem, I've run Malwarebytes several times and not found the problem files. I think that clearing my Google Account Sync cash fixed it buy not totally sure. I'll let you know if the problem returns. AdwCleaner[C2].txt
  4. I'm on my tablet, I'll run it again tomorrow and send you the file. I may have gotten it fixed, by deleting the Chrome user data file. At least I was able to run Malwarebytes without the Pups showing up for the first time in weeks. But I'm not syncing my Google account, don't know what will happen when I do. Mike
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. Followed the instructions, the files are attached. AdwCleaner[S0].txt Malwarebytes Scan Result.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi Every time I run Malwarebytes Pro in Windows 10 it comes up with the same Pups over and over. I remove them and the next time there they are again. Today I decided to try and figure out what is going on. I ran Malwarebytes and the same Pups came up, I Quarantined them and the deleted them. Then I ran Malwarebytes again, but this time I only scanned one file. The same Pups come up again and I know they weren't in the file so what's going on? Anyone have any idea who I can stop it from showing these results every time I run it? Mike
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