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  1. Hi, I ran the command line as instructed. A window opens, then a warning message that the computer will reboot, then it reboots, but it does not check the disk at all.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the reply, I have attached the requested logs. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hello, I have run Malawarebytes on my computer (free version) for several years now always with great results. Like a month ago I downloaded the available version (I do not have internet at all times), but I did not run it until now. However, this time my windows xp boots when Malawarebytes is getting ready to scan (before it actually starts the scan there is a progress bar). When the progress bar is about to complete, my screen computer goes blue, white letter come up with a long message. The blue screen is less than a secon, then it automatically boots. I have tried both in normal mode and safety mode with the same result. I dont know if this is related to my pendrive or as someone told me to a nasty infection my computer has. Please advise and thanks in advance!
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