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  1. OK, I uninstalled with MB clean and reinstalled the Beta. Should I enable Beta updates now?
  2. Can I install the Beta over my current installation (most recent release version) or do I need to uninstall with MB Clean and reinstall with the beta? Thanks.
  3. I am bumping this thread. Can someone reply to this for me? I uploaded the logs. Thanks.
  4. I see a new beta is out. Still recommend holding off on installing it?
  5. OK, here you go. And I will hold off installing the Beta. mb-check-results.zip
  6. I already ran the MB Clean and reinstalled the program. Is it too late to run these tools? I attached the MB clean results file that was created on my desktop. Also, will the 3.4.2 Beta help with the Black Screens I have been getting? And is it stable enough to install on my main computer? Thanks. mb-clean-results.txt
  7. Over the last few weeks, I have had some major issues with my Windows 10 computer. First I am getting frequent Windows Explorer freezes that eventually cause black screens of death where there is nothing on the screen but the mouse. I cannot access anything and am required to shut the computer down via the power button. Also, I have had a lot of lag time with programs opening and PDFs take forever to print. Once I hit the print button I literally wait 20-30 seconds for the print diaglog box to open and they it takes another 20 second, if not more, for the document to print. I thought initially it was due to a recent Windows 10 update but then I remember there were similar issues with an earlier version of MB 3 that would cause black screens of death that was fixed by a beta update (since released). So I quit MB all together and my times for opening and printing has increased substantially. Are there issues with MB 3.3.XXXX? Thanks.
  8. Version has been running well on my Windows 10 system. The option to scan for Rootkits is disabled by default, it seems. I was wondering if this should be on full time, or if not, how that feature should be used. The Help section explains what a rootkit is, but doesn't really discuss when you should or shouldn't use the feature. So any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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