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  1. Well, thanks for the views...might as well close this request as it has been a week+...
  2. Hello all, For about a week now, my computer has been having problems with mrt.exe and mrstub.exe. I did a quick search and found posts staingthat they are very bad and normal, so I decided to post here to make sure. About every 1-2 hours, my Kasperky notification pops up with a message the MRT.exe and/or MRSTUB.exe have been moved to trusted applications. After that, either process will auto start and consume up to 90% of my CPU processing power, according to Task Manager. I did delete the files twice, but they repopulate and start running again. The file location was in my C drive but
  3. It looks like it may have been my Kaspersky all along. I just got an email from them to reinstall Kaspersky because an update was corupted and it will cause system instability. I literally just got the email. Also, I just got a MS notification that Windows10 has just complete pre-installing; I had no idea that was going on. Thank you again for the help!
  4. ok, I downloaded the program and ran it. Wen I started the computer this morning, it started in the Windows diagnose and repair mode. When I finally got to the desktop a notification that that program was moved to low restricted group. now my internet security will not load at all. thanks for the help.
  5. ok, I did as suggested. The computer would not restart, i was just hanging on to the Windows retarting page (light blue with the dotted circle thing). I hitthe reset button and it took about 3mins to boot up. Computer is running a little faster, but still seems slow. right after the desktop loaded, a Kaspersky notification popped up that "seclogon" has been moved to low restricted group. Just got another notification that Task scheduler has been move to low restricted too.
  6. i should have added that starting up the computer took far longer than usual, almost 5 minutes. I have no programs on the task manager/startup options enabled.
  7. for the most part it helped. I refreshed FF and reinstalled the adons. there are graphics issuse again. streaming works but pics do not show up. also, the computer in general is moving very slowly now.
  8. Ok, I did as suggested. Everything looked OK in my extension/add-ons. I disabled Java Deployment toolkit and that seems to have done the trick with the graphics issue. I am able to load pages and see graphics, but pages still load very slowly. Also, after I restarted Firefox, several windows pop up in succession. It keeps happening every time I open FF. Now, when I try to search anything, the resulting window is FF homepage.
  9. I am not sure about Internet Explorer, I do not use it and I turned the service off long ago. I posted in the past about IE starting up on its own though. I just reinstalled Flash, but the problem persists.
  10. BTW, I should have mentioned: Since I was able to delete all the Kaspersky files, I have not had a computer crash and my disk space reflects the proper space used/available. I am still having major issues going to site online that require graphics use; Hulu for instance, just loads an all white page and MSN loads with all broken pic icons where pics should be. thanks!
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