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  1. Hi wreckage,


    I'm unsure what is restoring the data at this point.


    Can we just rule out it is not firefox.exe in memory making the restoration.


    Run a quick scan and when it has finished (before taking any further action) please evoke task manager (CTRL+ALT+Delete) and terminate any instances of firefox.exe that are loaded.


    Next  click on the quarantine all button.


    No reboot message will be generated as this is a file edit and not a removal but please next close Malwarewarebytes and then reboot the the computer.


    Please rescan and verify whether the detections persist.


    Thanks for your help on this.

  2. So...MalwareBytes.


    Is there a different between PUP.InstallBrain and Adware.InstallBrain...if so what is it and what is likely the damage?


    Hi Phil0001


    Yes the difference is back in July we widened our criteria for PUP listing.




    Adware type softwares with a EULA we once detected as Adware that pre date that change.


    Where as new detections have the PUP.Optional vendor name if a EULA came with the software.


    To be honest a lot of sites will overplay or mislead in their description of what something is or does to further their own needs etc


    If InstallBrain was malicious then we would detect it as such but it is not malicious or perform any illegal activity which would allow us to detect it as malware.


    I hope this puts your mind at rest.

  3. Hi Matt.


    I did a full scan within 12 hours and nothing was found.


    This would suggest a F/p scenario where we have fixed/removed the faulting signature.


    To put your mind at rest if you would like then please zip and attach a copy of that file and i can verify this.


    Thanks in advance.

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