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  1. Hi Phil,

    They have been confirmed as False Positives and have been fixed in the core database.

    Please update the software and the detections should no longer be happening.

    Sorry for any inconvenience or anxiety caused.

  2. Hello,

    Please update MBAM and restore the file from quarantine.

    If we are still flagging the file please zip and attach the file in a reply.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for any inconvenience caused :)

  3. Hi ya,

    This was my mistake(Adrotator F/p's), i tried to be a bit to expansive with just one complex signature.It nuked over a 1000+ Adrotator unique binaries but unfortunetly because of the way the signature data was structured it appears to flag some other completely random files as well too.

    Got to be honest i'm gutted as was major foo against that Adware but no more alas :)

    Can you update and verify if this is fixed?

    Thanks and apologies for undue alarm caused.

  4. Since the issue has been resolved to some degree and there not a lot to discuss now i am going to lock this topic.

    Should anyone wish to continue this topic please contact a freindly admin/moderator and request that it be open again.

    Thanks all :)

  5. Hi and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Unfortunetly we cannot control what is sent via messenger but i can now investigate the file further.

    Realtime IP blocking intercepts access to the source file so signs are ominous it is malware :)

    16:24:28	User	MESSAGE	IP Protection started successfully
    16:24:32 User IP-BLOCK
    16:24:35 User IP-BLOCK
    16:24:41 User IP-BLOCK

    Since i have now logged the malware URL i will edit your post to munge data completely.

    Thanks again for posting this data :)

  6. Hi eldol,

    This is a confirmed F/p and will be fixed on the next update :lol:

    Advisory-The detection was based on the GUID you are using which has a previous history so you might find other simillar applications to ours making the very same detection.Rebranding a base package carries this risk if somone has abused it before.

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