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  1. Hi whittlebrother

    This would be the extension that is generating our detections.

    We detect this as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) however it may be wanted by some.

    The detections are safe to remove or if you would rather keep the extension and no longer receive any alerts for it then you will need to set an ignore rule for the following folder.

    C:\USERS\FRED\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\Default\Extensions\ldoppemlampfgljcabioniofhcclcebn

    How to set an ignore rule in Malwarebytes --> https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1130

  2. 8 hours ago, SloppyMcFloppy said:

    What is the reason that it got flagged as PUP?


    Hi ,

    Detection was created for the extension initially as it breached Mozilla privacy criteria and in our opinion that constituted it becoming Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

    However they have since modified/updated their extension (21/02/2019) to comply with Mozilla extension privacy rules so we will be removing detection for their current firefox extension.

    However we will remain vigilant and should they relapse then we would relist the offending extension(s) again in the future.


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