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  1. hello fatduck.. how are you?

    i'm new here. i have some samples that now i submite to the forum to help with malwarebytes work.

    i want to have after, the malware hunter acess to download other user samples.


    why the forum doesn't report when the infection was / was not included in the database?

    thanks to help this brazilian enthusiast.

  2. sorry my updated signature was behind! *slap self*

  3. Awesome guy, very intelligent. :)

  4. You are doing a great job! Happy hunting!

  5. Lol...Research Engineer...Congrats for your new rank !!! :)



  6. This guy does magic, he stuck with me for couple of hours and didn’t give up until the problem was fixed. Thank you very much for your help.

  7. I would love to have the knowledge that Fatdcuk has. I am going to apply to a Malware Removal School to try to learn a fraction of it.

  8. ya got me with the old Rick Roll trick LOL

  9. Boy meets R'Rolled 1-0 ...never trust one of my links again no doubt lol

  10. Rootkits terminator (episode IV Salvation) :) SKYNET is no match for him. :)

  11. A great fixer of many probs! Great at rootkits.

    Nice work you do. thx.

  12. Rick count: 21-0

  13. All your trolls are now belong to us ;)

  14. Never forget that I rickrolled you first!

  15. Master of malware and the annihilation of all things hidden (like rootkits ;) )

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