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  1. It is 100% zone alarm free edition. I first tried in Safe mode which made it work, then normally with ZA disabled and it worked. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I have done all that and it came up clean (even with the rootkit option enabled) Do you think this has something to do with ZoneAlarm? Ever since it got last updated about a month or two ago, I think it was around that time I noticed mbar started doing this. Because it always would finish fine before.
  3. When I run mbar-, every time I get to the scanning registry part, the program stops working after that and it won't let me kill the process. (Says Access Denied) Its been awhile since I've used this forum but I've attached some logs which might help figure this out. forum.rar
  4. Did you even read what I just said? I said I unticked the option that says to check for program updates but I am still getting them.
  5. How do you I get rid of that message that tells me to update to the latest version? I unticked notify me about program updates already but it doesnt work.
  6. I am using version Is there an update that fixes this?

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