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  1. I get the "device driver not installed" error message where nothing with my mouse works. I tried this with 2 different Razer mice and neither of them worked. However they did work in my bios and a different PC entirely so its definitely a Windows problem. However, my third and oldest Razer mouse still works and is able to get detected including another old mouse I use. Another issue I've noticed too is that if I plug in the mice that works into a different USB port then they stop working. Does anyone have any idea on what could be the issue? My specs - http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gCn8OWFhqsHgQyX2GfalD75
  2. Hey, just wanted to say that after reinstalling ObjectDock everything seems to be finally working again. Thanks again for all your help!
  3. Thanks I'll try that later when I get home and update you on how it goes. The only thing that would make sense at this point would be corruption. I think it came from a time when I had to use Acronis and objectdock was installed on a separate disk so that technically didn't get restored when I restored the older date of my OS. So I'm hoping it's just that.
  4. Unfortunately there is. I don't know if I should make a new topic for this or not so just let me know. Having Game Mode permanently on for ZoneAlarm seemed to work for that, but I noticed that with ObjectDock enabled, it hangs at the very same spot. When I boot windows with ObjectDock disabled, it works fine. This was completely out of nowhere since MBAR always worked fine with me for years with ObjectDock. I don't understand what happened. And its not just MBAR. Another program that used to work fine with ObjectDock was a ps3 emulator called rpcs3 but for whatever reason that program wont boot either unless objectdock is disabled. I can't even say that there was any kind of update to ObjectDock recently because I haven't updated it in a long time.
  5. It is 100% zone alarm free edition. I first tried in Safe mode which made it work, then normally with ZA disabled and it worked. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. I have done all that and it came up clean (even with the rootkit option enabled) Do you think this has something to do with ZoneAlarm? Ever since it got last updated about a month or two ago, I think it was around that time I noticed mbar started doing this. Because it always would finish fine before.
  7. When I run mbar-, every time I get to the scanning registry part, the program stops working after that and it won't let me kill the process. (Says Access Denied) Its been awhile since I've used this forum but I've attached some logs which might help figure this out. forum.rar
  8. Did you even read what I just said? I said I unticked the option that says to check for program updates but I am still getting them.
  9. How do you I get rid of that message that tells me to update to the latest version? I unticked notify me about program updates already but it doesnt work.
  10. I am using version Is there an update that fixes this?
  11. Just curious since it stopped working and cant find it on their website anymore.
  12. Hi, I have a problem created by myself that made me stuck in safe mode. Long story short, i ran msconfig and set it to safe mode and it bsod loop boots while in SF. If I can just somehow reset the bootmgr or find a way to open msconfig through the recovery console, i can fix the rest. Can somebody please help me
  13. I actually figured out the problem today. It was a known issue with the driver version I had so I changed it. Thanks though for the help
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