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  1. 2 minutes ago, exile360 said:

    While I cannot speak for the staff, up until recently I was employed by Malwarebytes.  I know for a fact that they do have automated test systems in place to test all updates before they go out and I do believe it is also protocol to do some level of live user testing by Research, however, given the nature of this issue and the fact that it can take quite a while (especially in systems with fast CPUs/large amounts of RAM) for this particular issue to show any obvious symptoms I suspect this is why the update got past QA.

    Regardless, knowing first-hand how other issues of this nature with broken/corrupted updates were handled in the past, I'm certain measures will immediately be put in place once the Devs fully understand the root cause to check for this issue for all future updates to prevent it from ever happening again.  Whatever caused this, it's got to be something really obscure in the code as it's not something we've ever seen with the software prior to this to my knowledge.

    good post. thank you. folks being all emo here.. sad. software is software, and stuff happens.

  2. hi received a "an updated version" notification today

    Im generally a bit paranoid about updating, as that can be a vehicle to introduce compromised software. looking around the site and the forums, I am struggling to find a simple listing of version history. it would be very cool if somewhere, the current release version, were listed, that the users that care, might quickly validate new releases prior to installing.

    thank you

  3. Reading up to page 6, and no official response or acknowledgment by STAFF has crushed my trust in this company. Being more politically concerned, rather than integrity driven, means, they have sold out. MB  Staff.. Rule #1: a company that profits from TRUST, but goes unresponsive at a critical time, can quickly find itself in the dustbin of history. 

    stuff happens, but to not be on top of it, is completely unacceptable.

  4. Good day,


    despite having "scan for rootkits" turned on in settings, when I review the report for last night's scan (attached), it shows as disabled. I have toggled it off / on, rebooted. previously uninstalled and clean installed for the reason of exploit protection not staying enabled, which was solved by the reinstallation.

    does the nightly "threat" scan not invoke the anti rootkit setting?


    thank you

    MB3.06 Report XBarbarian.txt

  5. so, after installing the "mbae-setup-" version, it seemed to be working for the last few days. however, it seems to lag now. meaning I can open a browser instance of chrome, and be surfing for 10 mins or more...no balloon... then eventually, I get the notification of protection.

    anyone else seeing this behaviour? a delay? 

  6. Hi, I had been a free Anti Malware Bytes user for a long time, bought in, around the release of Anti Exploit


    so, just wanting affirmation, I'm  using it correctly. I use a number of apps that could be exercised for exploit. Like  Curse client ( a 3rd party app for keeping WoW addons updated )


    Basically, I go to shields tab, add shield, populate with the curse.exe as an example, and waa laa, it will be sandboxed, in essence, and prevented from executing any future possible exploitations? is that in a nutshell?


    another was sidebar. Win 8 eliminated the Gadgets, I had grown so to love, so added a shareware version.. by making a shield for sidebar.exe, its basically encapsulated now?


    thank you

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