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  1. opps I failed to read the FAQ, and see that in 3.0, they were in fact combined. sorry for the misinformed post thank you
  2. Hi recently bought a new pc. Installed Premium, working well. from my last invoice for renewal, I see separation of pricing, and just wanted to confirm, Once Premium is installed, there is no additional install for the anti exploit feature. Do I understand this correctly? thank you
  3. good post. thank you. folks being all emo here.. sad. software is software, and stuff happens.
  4. it wanted to restart. only solution for me was to uninstall for now.
  5. only solution was to uninstall, for now. end tasks, only saw it repeat it self.
  6. piling on as well. same issues as reported. cpu and ram off the charts. run away processes.
  7. hi received a "an updated version" notification today Im generally a bit paranoid about updating, as that can be a vehicle to introduce compromised software. looking around the site and the forums, I am struggling to find a simple listing of version history. it would be very cool if somewhere, the current release version, were listed, that the users that care, might quickly validate new releases prior to installing. thank you
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