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  1. Hello, I was referred here by a tech specialist I was working with to resolve some freezing issues. In order to help Malwarebytes fix this problem please find the information and logs below. Thank you. When did the freeze first start occurring? Freezes began occurring on 7th January 2019. What were you doing on the computer immediately prior to the latest freeze? Blizzard BattleNet Application began updating a couple games such as Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. Did you notice anything significant occur around the time of the latest freeze (e.g. AV notification, application crash, etc)? The only significant event is when BattleNet attempts to either update the games or when I attempt to reinstall Blizzard games. Installation was tried with and without the desktop app. In each event the computer froze and became unresponsive. Has a freeze occurred when the computer is idle? No. Freezes only occur when installing or updating games. Have you noticed a correlation between high network traffic and the computer freezing? I have not noticed any correlation between network traffic and freezing. How often does the computer freeze? Only when game updates and installations are attempted, Are you able to reproduce the freeze on-demand? If the answer is yes, what are the steps? The freeze can be reproduced (for me) when I attempt to update or install games through the Blizzard BattleNet desktop app. How old is the computer? The computer is custom built and is roughly 5 years old. Was the computer upgraded from XP/Vista to Windows 7? No. The computer was and has always been on Windows 7. Is the computer fully up-to-date with Windows Updates? Which updates have been installed after the first freeze occurred? The Windows Updates are up to date with the latest being installed during the week of the 7th January. Does the computer have multiple network adapters? If it does, what happens when you disable the adapter currently in use and switch to a different adapter? The computer has a built-in wireless adapter and a D-link network adapter. The built-in adapter has been permanently disabled and has never been used (as it is not strong enough to pick up the wireless signals for some reason). Should you need more information please let me know. Thank you and I hope this can be resolved soon. mbst-grab-results.zip
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