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  1. The argument that "program A has a higher detection rate in some test than program B; therefore it is pointless to run program B" -- is totally bogus. You do realize that that is an aggregate result, and it is entirely possible that program B detects stuff that program A missed? (and vice-versa)
  2. hi saurabhdua - You might try upgrading to 3.0.5 - it fixes some of the notification issues. Since 3.0.5 is being rolled out in stages via the program update feature, it might be a few days before your installation of Malwarebytes 3.0.4 sees the 3.0.5 update. However, you can go to the malwarebytes website and download 3.0.5 directly.
  3. hi hectorM - did you by chance install in Windows Safe mode? Was this an upgrade from MBAM 2.x, or a "clean" install? Also, what version of Windows are you on? thanks, Ben
  4. wow that doesn't seem right for a scan to be taking that long. Does it look like it's stuck on the same file, by any chance? On the scan page, is it in the "Scan File System" phase? If so, do you see different files being shown in the "Currently Scanning" field? Also, are you running 3.0.4 or 3.0.5?
  5. I'd try this -- Quit mbam3 from the system tray, and make sure mbamservice is NOT running. Download ProcDump from sysinternals: https://download.sysinternals.com/files/Procdump.zip Unzip it, then open an Admin-elevated command prompt, go to the directory which contains procdump.exe, and enter this command: procdump.exe -e -w mbamservice.exe Keep that window open, maybe minimize it. Then start MBAM3 and do the scan (reproduce the error). Check for a dump file (.dmp) in the same directory that procdump was run from.
  6. dcollins - you might have him disable the Self Protection, which is likely preventing the process from being attached to for the dump.
  7. hi ChromeDome - is it working in 3.0.5? If you go to the About tab in Settings, what does it show for "Update package version"? The latest, as of this writing, is 1.0.808.
  8. I don't think deleting your forum account is going to fix it ...
  9. Yes I think Malwarebytes 3 will give you superior protection to PCmatic.
  10. A reboot should fix the "stuck in checking" problem.
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