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  1. Such as making a respected security tool look like a game designed for small children, complete with smiley faces to keep them placated?! What a great way to stimulate intelligence and curiosity by dumbing down to the level of the lowest common denominator.
  2. I have to agree with Naminu, it's awful! I've noticed many websites adopting the horrible Windows 8 Metro style recently and they all look bland, blocky, boring, oversized and WHITE! The same can now be said of Malwarebytes. Cleaner interface, eh? It looks like a child's computer game from the 90s; something fun for the under 5s to learn while they play. I remember having some stuff like that pre-installed on a Windows 95 box in 1996 and it looked similar. In my opinion, they Web is being wrecked by site designers adopting this horrible style, which is actually a huge step backwards from Windows Vista and 7 Aero. I'm surprised that a company like Malwarebytes has jumped on the bandwagon and made sych a highly respected product look so childish. This is a 20 year step backwards for GUI design. Look at the way the American film industry has gone recently - mostly mindless films brimming with special effects for empty-headed, moronic teenagers. If Malwarebytes panders to the moronic masses who find a more technical style off-putting, then it's on the same road to asinine mediocrity.
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