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  1. Thank you very much for your help! You're a good person!
  2. That seemed to do the trick. I have tested both occurrences several times and it seems to be fine.
  3. Is the best way to do this uninstall from control panel, or do I need to delete any registry items?
  4. It's when I try to open any of my files in google drive. I was able to grab the link before it redirected: http://unitspybookukset.net/?subid=95&subid1=4123246782281321943&subid2=1059&px.pluginh=1&tid=7&red=1&subid3=mnhadz&k=My%20Drive%20%20%20Google%20Drive%20more%20%2Bmark%20drive%20from%20account%20mark%20docs%20sheets%20slides%20sites%20admin%20contacts%20maps%20youtube%20news%20translate%20business%20even%20mail%20search%20apps%20marketplace%20learn%20change%20photo ..maybe that will ring a bell for you.
  5. Ok, I have reset to factory settings on my router. That seemed to help with the desktop notifications so far. However when I go into google drive and click on a file to open, it will open a pop up ad saying "you have a virus call this number blah blah blah".
  6. The problem is still there. I sent myself a test email so that the chome desktop notification pops up, and upon clicking that I get a popup ad. I will attached the ad that comes up. I can also note that upon clicking on the desktop notification or link a second time it will usually bring me to the right place.
  7. Attached is the fixlog.txt you requested. Fixlog.txt
  8. Sorry for the double attach. First and Addition didnt show up when I originally attached them.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, I have attached the 4 requested files. Addition.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt mbar-log-2015-03-23 (15-47-19).txt system-log.txt
  10. Hi, I unfortunately am here due to some malware content I have on my computer which occurred by clicking on a link to download a font. The symptoms at first were that there were several added extensions in chrome which would create pop up links from happening. Once I noticed the problem I ran malware bytes and also Adwcleaner which found a few items. I figured that problem was ok since the extensions did not load on every chrome opening, but that was not the case. Now what happens is every time I click on a link that opens in a new window or a gmail desktop notification it will link to a
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