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  1. Fixed now.. and so what about this file?? Open candy? open candy possible.rar
  2. Malwarebytes detecting as malware... Kaspersky clean... false.zip
  3. Hi, Malwarebytes removed installed program ASO3... Log attached. Advanced system optimizer.txt
  4. It is false positive (only bad AV detected it) none of most popular only chinese s*it AV but okay i delete it not necessary .
  5. Attached : Adwcleaner report found 1 Malwarebytes report Virustotal screen 1 file of 13 What now? AdwCleaner[S07].txt malwarebytes.txt
  6. Adwcleaner u use Every week and no problem... I think it is false positive... Malware in Ink (shortcut) file? It is easily send these files to you for analyze? I dont waste my time runing logs scaning etc... I know everytbing about my PC i builded it. Monhtly scaning with Kaspersky which is best av ever... And now scan with malwarebytes boom 10 or 14 viruses i dont know exactly...
  7. I ran scan with MBAM 4 (latest version, also updated today) And I see a lot of Malware and Machine learning threats For example malware in .Ink file? Shortcut??? This is false positive i think or? Can i send these types of viruses / files into online scanner or? Somewhere for analysis?
  8. I upgraded manually. I have hidden files turned on... it is empty folders.
  9. Hi, First why i had not been notifed that new version is available and if i can upgrade simply download new version?? Second detected empty folders as malware....(screen) Third - when i want open program from taskbar then must wait cca 15 - 20 seconds while open main gui..
  10. Okay then no problem. So is there any recommendations how often run scan with JRT? For example once per month etc..
  11. Hi, Yesterday i reinstalled windows and now i ran JRT and i saw that JRT removes 24 files (temprary files). So what are these files and why are detected? JRT.txt
  12. Yes but 95 and 98 the years are gone... Now i use diskeeper 2011 under windows 7. Please see this article - SUMMARY --> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/130539 (All versions of Microsoft Windows include a tool for disk defragmentation. The Windows Disk Defragmenter tool is a limited version of the Diskeeper program from Diskeeper Corporation. Disk Defragmenter does not include all the features available in the full version of Diskeeper). Automatic defragmentation starts without me knowing (low impact on my system). Diskeeper service in task manager only 6 MB. Start up - i check thi
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