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  1. It is false positive (only bad AV detected it) none of most popular only chinese s*it AV but okay i delete it not necessary .
  2. Attached : Adwcleaner report found 1 Malwarebytes report Virustotal screen 1 file of 13 What now? AdwCleaner[S07].txt malwarebytes.txt
  3. Adwcleaner u use Every week and no problem... I think it is false positive... Malware in Ink (shortcut) file? It is easily send these files to you for analyze? I dont waste my time runing logs scaning etc... I know everytbing about my PC i builded it. Monhtly scaning with Kaspersky which is best av ever... And now scan with malwarebytes boom 10 or 14 viruses i dont know exactly...
  4. Hi, Here is it.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I ran scan with MBAM 4 (latest version, also updated today) And I see a lot of Malware and Machine learning threats For example malware in .Ink file? Shortcut??? This is false positive i think or? Can i send these types of viruses / files into online scanner or? Somewhere for analysis?
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