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  1. Does Anti-Exploit protect from Adobe Flash exploits? There were some disturbing news yesterday about a new 0-day exploit in Adobe Flash.
  2. No problem, hope you guys fix it. PS: There was a problem in the last 1.05 version that kept me completely away from this program, that I'm almost 99% sure it was MBAE's fault. Sometimes, when I watched youtube for a long time, be it on youtube itself or movies from youtube embed on other sites, I kept getting an anti-spambot check dialog forcing me to input a code. I'm no programmer but it looked like there were too many connections going to yt from my PC? I think it happened more frequently with watching embed movies, but it was rather random - one day everything was okay, the other I kept getting it every half an hour. Which was very annoying and since I didn't have the time to report it I just uninstalled MBAE. Like I said, I'm 99% sure it was MBAE's fault, cause the problem went away after uninstalling it a few months ago, I forgot all about it and just saw that there's a new version so I got it right away.
  3. Had to read through this topic to find which logs you mean, so just in case here are both from Program Files & ProgramData Program Files.7z ProgramData.7z
  4. Seems this version keeps Firefox 37 beta 7 from running.
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