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  1. Much better thank you. been cruising around different web sites without any evidence of re-directs. I'm keeping Malwarebytes, but I'll probably remove the other malware removal tools for now. Thanks again for the help -Doug
  2. OK, I had to let it run a couple hours and it finally finished. Attached are the log files from Farbar fix and ComboFix Scan. Thanks again for your help. -Doug ComboFix.txt Fixlog.txt
  3. Downloaded the fixlist file and am running the Farbar tool. Seems to be taking a real long time - and seems kind of stuck on deleting temp files c:\users\kmairet\appdata\local\temp I don't mind waiting, but it's been about 45 or so minutes. Is this right? (I'm responding from a different computer, BTW) Thanks for the help. -Doug
  4. Hi, I'm cleaning up my daughter's machine that had a lot of malware on it. She reported a slow machine and most of her documents corrupted. (I've found that Cryptowall was once infecting this machine) I started with AVG which I had installed on this machine a year ago. Cleaned around 40 infected files. Downloaded and installed premium version of MalwareBytes and ran various scans until no more infections were found. Still getting some redirects. Based on previous posts, I've installed and run FRST64, tdsskiller, and RogueKiller. Logs are attached. I see likely things in the RogueKiller logs, but want advice on how to fully remove these things. Thanks for any help you can provide! Doug TDSSKiller. FRST.txt Addition.txt RKreport_SCN_03212015_123502.log
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