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  1. Hello! Yesterday, I installed Malwarebytes to help clean up my PC, and remove any possible infections. I ran a scan, and it detected the many infections I apparently had. I proceeded to delete them, and was told to restart my PC. Doing so, I got a black screen for a few seconds with only my cursor visible, then a window appeared, titled "LogonUI.exe - Bad Image" I shrugged this off, just suspecting it was a 1 time thing, only to learn it wasn't, and has happened every single time I have turned on my PC. I pressed OK and proceeded, and everything went fine, that was until I logged on. I got a large amount of error messages titled (program name).exe (or different file types like .sus) - Bad Image. I did the same thing and pressed OK to all of them, and just continued on as usual. I later realized, this was a pattern, and happened with every single application I opened. I have attached a example image of what happened when I opened WinRAR. If somebody could tell me what is going on, and how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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