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  1. Hello again, First, thank you so much for helping! I've checked the DNS settings (all set to create random IPs etc) and I reset the router. Then, I tried accessing the router settings, but it didn't work. When accessing them via my browser, the connection was refused (otherwise just a blank page shown), it didn't work via disk either even though I everything according to instructions. Everything went fine until the last step of confirming the settings - it just showed an error message. I'm close to throwing the damn thing out of the window Sooooo, NOW I'm using cable and of course the pop ups stopped and I don't have any issues anymore but I suppose that can't possibly be a sustainable solution... Here are the FRST reports: FRST_21-03-2015_18-48-07.txtAddition_21-03-2015_18-48-04.txt - Hanna
  2. MALWARELOG.txt Now, the IP address has changed to, still outbound and the same process... I have run Malwarebytes a couple of times now, and it finds the same DNS Changer -threats over and over again, even though I put them in quarantine. Why?
  3. Hello, I scanned according to your instructions with Farbar. Meanwhile, Maleware has found two DNS Changer -threats, which are put in quarantine. - Hanna FRST_21-03-2015_00-28-45.txtAddition_21-03-2015_00-28-43.txt
  4. So, whenever I open my web browser (Opera, ADBLOCKER installed), malewarebytes pops up and tells me: IP address is blocked Type: Outbound Process: Windows/system32/svchost.exe Sometimes I don't even need to open the browser, and it still keeps on telling me over and over again that the IP address is blocked. The same thing happens e.g. when I switch from one tab to another etc. I have scanned multiple times with different programmes (Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Hitman, Avira, and ofc malwarebytes and I even used CCleaner), but none of them found anything. Since I have read about DNS changing viruses disguising as svchost.exe, I've scanned the file just to make sure, still nothing. The IP address belongs to DIMLINE Ltd. from Austria. I guess I will have to send them a report? Since I don't really know about all the technical stuff and what to search for, I'm getting really desperate. Especially since it's hard to take in so much information reading as many posts as possible here on the forum. Apparently, similar things have happened to others, but I couldn't find any clear instructions. Thank you so much for your help! I don't want to throw my laptop in the bin just yet
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