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    Beta 3 was working fine up until I upgraded to "Beta 4" I began to notice upon startup that MBARW was always disabled, was Beta 3 needed to be uninstalled before installing Beta 4?!
  2. Hi Nathan, It's the portable version of Privazer PrivaZer.rar
  3. I wouldn't say its too early its good too see some independent test specially at beta stage, and the admin IMO wouldn't mind some "constructive criticism"... Peace!
  4. Privazer was detected as ransomware... Malwarebytes.zip
  5. Hi Admin, I'll just post this link(Test); credit goes to cruelsister1
  6. If its not too difficult why not add a notification by the tray icon rather than the whole splash screen/pop-up...
  7. Used wrong word should be open or pop-up after windows login, anyway idea how to stop MBARW open after login?!
  8. As the results indicated(10/54) its new, probably a day old...
  9. Anyway to disable the splash screen?! Always pop-up on every re-start... Regards, Win7 x64 Ultimate
  10. Hi Pbust, Could you please add DaumPotPlayer in the list of Media Apps protected by MBAE, its auto update every now and then had exploits... Regards,
  11. Nice v1.08 installed over the top... No problems so far Win7 x64!
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