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  1. Having solved the problem of "Real time web protection won't turn on" by downloading the update, I now have another rather weird problem! Every day the scan seems to find five files that need quarantining, but as soon as I click on "quarantine" it immediately closes down Chrome. When I click back on Chrome it tells me it did not close down properly and do I want to restore.
  2. Ade. Sorry. I can't read either. lol
  3. Thank you. Here you go... Malwarebytes Scan Log.txt
  4. I'd like to, but I don't see anywhere to attach the file. I recall seeing an attachment button when I created the original post, but not seeing it now. How do I attach it? Apologies for my n00bness. Thanks.
  5. I see this file has already been discussed by anton84. He mentioned adjusting the file to prevent Malwarebytes from tripping over it, but didn't say how he adjusted it. Is it safe to just add this file to the Exclusion list? Also, miekiemoes mentioned ask.com, I do not have an entry for that, so how do I know what, in my secure preferences file is trippping this? Thank you!
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