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  1. Yesterday I just got RATted was watching a twitch stream of csgo when I noticed my webcam was on and there was a message stating how I looked. I did what the logical person did and tried to open malware bytes as he was trying to stop me. It was a struggle and he even ended up typing a message my friend to get...Anyways it doesn't matter what he said. So i freaked up and decided to shut down. When i logged back into my pc I had turned my router off and my i disabled my internet in my pc. I ran malware bytes and Windows Defender. WIndows defender picked up on the backdoor virus and quarintened it. I also took the liberty of making Windows Defender Delete it from my pc. I ran Malware again and I found three viruses. A Malware.Trace, Stolen.Data and the directory was a file in appdata that had the name of "dclogs" and a registery thing.(I can't recall it but I knew it was something bad and it had tons of numbers making me thing its an issue with the registry). I did some research and ended up concluding I was RATed although I don't know how. What I need help with is removing these three viruses for good. I keep doing scans and Malware Bytes quaranteens them. Then in a couple hours or so I run Malware again just incase and they pop up again. I even go and check the appdata section and there it is. Dclogs. I delete it but it keeps coming back. Please help me I think my data is being stolen the very minute. I need help getting rid of these three viruses and I could also use some advice so I never get my pc hijacked or have these three annoying malware come back. *A side note* Windows Defender = Windows Essentials for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (A little note here. I think the guy who ratted me was trolling me but im not sure. He kept opening jeff the killer sights pretty sure I almost had a heart attack there. Don't take my word for it.) Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Yeh sorry i pressed post by mistake. Anyways I was watching a stream and then I noticed a message poped up. It said something about my race. Now i totally freaked out and I noticed my webcam was on. I put my hand over it and strugged for malware bytes as the person who RATed me was fighting back. I had no choice so I shut down my computer and waiting a few minutes anticipating he'll leave. He did leave me alone though im not sure if he is still there. I quickly opened up Malware Bytes disconnected from the internet and began my scan. I scanned with Malware Bytes and Microsoft's Window's Defender. Windows Defender quaranteened the backdoor virus and I thought I was safe. So i used some other programs to double check.(tdsskiller,Rkill,adwcleaner) and they came up empty. I then ran malware bytes and encounter dclogs, malware.trace and something in the registery. And now here I am having learned that I got ratted asking for some help. What i need help with is: - Preventing this from happening again. -Finally removing the dclogs,malware.trace and the registry file which all keep coming back.
  3. Hello, There so ill give some background info.
  4. Hey guys so today I was just hacked or someone decided to ***** troll me with a rat. I was watching a stream when a message poped up and i looked my webcam was on and there was a guy who was controlling my pc. I had to shut down and now im cleaning my pc. I kepe running malware bytes and other programs but the dclogs and stolen.data ****** keep returning. I really need your help. I don't want this to happen again. And are there any ways to protect myself from these attacks. Ive tried to use tdsskiller,Rkill,Malware,Windows defender, and adwcleaner.
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