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  1. Having same issue on my system. Win10pro x64. Current version of Malwarebytes Premium. The daily scan finds one potentially unwanted program that is a registry key, and 2 potentially unwanted modifications. I can exclude files, but when I check the boxes to the left of the threat scan results, the next button at the bottom right changes to "Quarantine Selected". On the settings tab, under Exclusions. when I click Add Exclusion, there is no option listed to add a registry key or otherwise tell Malwarebytes Premium to not bring these 3 items up again. I have had this computer setup for over a year. No changes in this regard. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I get these threat scan issues.
  2. 1-27-18 Was using my computer. Received an error message from Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1. Running Win10 Pro x64. See file malwarebytes1.png. Tried rebooting. No change. Web Protection will not enable. Ultimately get malwarebytes2.png. I turned on beta updates, ran update. No application updates. This may be unrelated, but when I restart computer, both times I get a holdup on shutdown for .net-broadcasteventwindow. Based on above conversation, I assume this will not be solved by reinstalling.
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