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  1. Sadly MBAR didn't pick up on any infections. I think at this point I will just go ahead and reinstall Windows to resolve these issues. For the sake of it, here are the logs from MBAR: MBAR Log: mbar-log-2015-03-13 (10-52-25).txt System Log: system-log.txt Thank you very much for your help and time, it is much appreciated.
  2. I have carried out those instructions, however unfortunately the errors persist. I think when getting the log for the SFC scan, it may have picked up on one I tried earlier rather than the one I did just now. The wifi is still local only, as well. SFC Log: sfcdetails.txt Chkdsk log: chkdsk log.txt
  3. Sadly the bad image error is occurring for multiple services other than the HP Wireless assistant. Other examples of services which show up with 'Bad error' are: SynTPEnh.exe, reader_sl.exe, notepad.exe when attempting to save (It still allows me to save, though the error still pops up), and jusched.exe when Java's update software starts. I uninstalled the wireless assistant and am still having issues with the wireless connectivity.
  4. Whoops, sorry, forgot the fix log. This is just one of the errors, it goes through a list of them with the same message just replacing the service name with various other services. FRST Log: Fixlog.txt Error: Fixlog.txt
  5. Hello, I have gone through all the steps provided. Unfortunately, I am still getting the same error. I forgot to mention the other issue I am having with the laptop which is that it will only connect to the internet via ethernet, wireless claims local only access. MBAM Log: MBAM Log.txt AdwCleaner log (Ran before posting here): AdwCleanerS0.txt AdwCleaner log (Ran as per instruction): AdwCleanerS1.txt Junk Removal Tool Log: JRT.txt Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool log: mrt.log Security Check: checkup.txt Thank you for the fast response.
  6. Hello, I have a laptop where after running Malwarebytes I started receiving errors claiming 'Bad image', all referencing to 'zipfldr.dll'. I tried running Adwcleaner, Combofix and Hitman Pro to no avail, and am still receiving these errors. The laptop had a selection of trojans, and at least one backdoor, and the police virus. I was wondering if there was a fix for this issue, as I can find people with similar issues, but no working soloutions in my case. Thanks in advance for any help. FRST Log: FRST.txt Addition: Addition.txt
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