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  1. Here's the latest protection log... thanks, s. log_Mar12.txt
  2. Ah that's good to know! I have enabled notifications now, despite the pop-up annoyance. It's nighttime here, so perhaps tomorrow morning I can check if there's anything logged. If yes, will send it to you. If nothing's logged, will let you know (and disable the notification!) Thanks for your patience so far, THE.
  3. Sure. As of now, logs are empty. Would you suggest enabling notifications for the protection log to log items? I hope not -- it's impossible to do anything with the popups constantly appearing. It will also help to know the extent of vulnerability of my system given the current scenario. Thanks, s.
  4. The protection logs are empty. Is there another way to log? thanks.
  5. The protection logs for the 10th and 11th are blank. Could it be because I had disabled notifications for a while (they were very annoying) or is that unrelated? The IP address in the fresh popups has now changed to Thanks, s.
  6. I'm afraid the pop-up comes up as frequently as it used to ...
  7. Thanks, TwinHeadedEagle! Here are the files you need... gratefully, s.Fixlog.txtAdwCleanerS0.txt
  8. Managed to find Farbar elsewhere. Attached are the log files. Thanks again.FRST.txtAddition.txt
  9. Thank you, TwinHeadedEagle, for the swift response. I'm trying to go to the link for the Farbar scan tool (BleepingComputer.com) but it does not allow me to even register a new account. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hello, I'll be grateful for help on a repeated popup from an 'outbound' website. It occurs even when browsing is discontinued. IP is Process: c:/windows/system32/svchost.exe. The process also varies between the latter and a Kaspersky application.Attached is the text log file. What information would you need to help me further with this? Thanks in advance, S. log_outbound.txt
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