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  1. Is there a fix coming for the business version of MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection?
  2. +1 here. One of my clients just started experiencing this and if experience is to be an accurate indicator, I'm sure I will be getting a lot more calls soon. My question to support would be, should we add this site to the exceptions, or is it a real threat? Robert
  3. +1 here. Seeing MBAMService.exe using 10GB+ on my system and a constant 12-13% CPU. Seems to have started this morning.
  4. Hello all. I was experiencing the same issue on a single Windows 8.1 workstation on a domain. The station was visible in the cloud console, but it wouldn't show any info. I uninstalled/reinstalled MBEP, removed all traces of it in the registry and file system, and nothing helped. I also noticed that I was getting seemingly unrelated GroupPolicy EventID 1090 errors and was unable to view RSoP info, possibly due to WMI errors. As this was a legacy client that I inherited from a completely incompetent IT provider, I decided to reset some key items using Tweaking.com's Windows Repair to make
  5. OK, that worked. I uninstalled from both PCs and cleaned any references to MalwareBytes from the registries then reinstalled and it looks good. Deceptively simple. Thanks for your help, Robert
  6. I'll give that a shot. I uninstalled only from the new one and reinstalled. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Robert
  7. Hello, We had to clone a PC that had MB Endpoint Security on it, no SysPrep. The new PC wasn't recognized in the console so I uninstalled all MB software from it and reinstalled. Now the new PC shows-up but the old PC it was cloned from is gone. Is there any way to reset the unique IDs on one or both of these PCs so that they can both be recognized in the console? Thanks, RObert
  8. That seems to have resolved this issue. Thanks. Since this is a RC, will it automatically update to the release version when it becomes available? Thanks, Robert
  9. Hello, I have a client with three Windows 7 PCs in a peer-peer network, sharing Word & Excel documents with each-other. I recently installed MBAM Premium & MBAE Premium on all PCs and one of the PCs is having a problem with MBAE blocking attempts to enter some shared folders on the other PCs. The other PCs don't seem to have the reverse problem, and this PC can traverse shared folders and open Word & Excel documents with no problems using Explorer. I tried running Word & Excel with the /safe argument to rule out any problems with add-ins, but I get the same result. All t
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