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  1. Why was introduced to limit the activation of Malwarebytes Antimalware ??????? Through this stupid security mechanism can not activate the key legal ! As the pirates have to break security , it would break .
  2. How can I check how many days I have left until the end of the license MBAE? I wrote support and received no response! Shame!
  3. False positive. Website safe.
  4. I confirm. You can not turn protection.
  5. ​For me it is the same as in TeGift73. The program is still useless! Only problems! :angry:
  6. For me already running. After restarting the system protection turned on.
  7. I have the same, not protection works in real-time. So far, this program is useless!
  8. I can not turn-real-time protection- activation error. ​ ​
  9. http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm I see that not only I had such a problem. You see, last updated databases found that the HOSTS file has been modified by malware. Earlier scan did not detect anything. I hope it was fixed.
  10. I wanted to report incorrect detection Hijack.Hosts. I use the program Hosts Block, where he added the entries dangerous websites, which represent a threat to your computer.
  11. I am using MBAE and Spyshelter, and had no problems.
  12. I use Norton Security. It's a good combination: the best antivirus software, best antimalware (MBAM) and best antiexploit (MBAE).
  13. Well, I have proof of purchase so I know when the license expires, but it would be good to have introduced, as in Malwarebytes Antimalware. Sorry, but I use the translator of Google or Yandex.
  14. Hi all! How do I check to see how many more days I remained until the end of the license? You should enter the information as in MBAM.
  15. Yes, I use Rolback RX PC, but installed it three months ago and only recently the program detected it as rootkits. Had the program modified the files to Microsoft? Of course this is a false alarm. PS. The basis on which the program detects rootkits in them?
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