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  1. Well, I'm delighted to have made a small contribution to computer security and human happiness. Thanks for following up on my (and possibly others') suggestion regarding this wording. I love a product which just works, and MB does, so well that I signed up for a Platinum, Premium, Extra Double Plus subscription. Keep up the good work.
  2. The "Exclude website" button that appears on the "Malicious website blocked" pop-up when MBAM detects a malicious website is grievously misnamed in a way that can only serve to multiply risks to a user's computer. If the "Exclude website" button is clicked the website is added to the list of sites to which MBAM will permit access unimpeded (I'll call this the "safe list"). The trouble is that having just been given a warning about access to a bad website and simultaneously invited to "exclude" it, the user will almost certainly click the "exclude" button thinking that's the right, proper, and safe thing to do. In fact it's just the opposite: the user has just added a website that MBAM thinks is dangerous to the safe list! The average user will have no idea that by "exclude" MBAM means "include" (i.e., add the site to the safe list). The problem is that to native English speakers the word "exclude" conveys meanings like "prohibit," "banish," "omit," "do away with," "eliminate," "bar," etc., all things that seem like sensible actions to take against a malicious website. The trouble is that in this context the "exclude" button means exactly the opposite; instead of meaning "prohibit," "banish," etc., it means "allow," "permit," "go right ahead," and so on. Invited to deal with a bad website by "excluding" it, the user is highly likely to click that button and thus turn off MBAM security against a website that it's already found to be dangerous. Indeed, because the warning popup only appears only when a bad site is encountered, it's as though MBAM's designers went out of their way to allow as many bad sites as possible into the user's safe list: (1) Here's bad site! Wanna exclude it? (2) You bet! I'd better click "exclude," then. (3) Another bad website escapes any further security checking, permanently! There's no doubt that the "Exclude website" button needs to be renamed. Perhaps there's not enough space for "Exclude this site from further checking by MBAM by including it on the safe list," but perhaps "Ignore warning," or "Ignore warning and proceed," or "Ignore warning: flag site as safe" would work.
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