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  1. Hi, My MBAM Premium has been running a scan for over 16 hours and is still running. Solution? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Ok, did it all. I used to use Kaspersky for the longest time, but I had an issue years ago and switched to Bitdefender free version. At that time, Bitdefender was highly rated. I will take a look at the other products you mentioned. Is there a free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit? All I saw was the free trial version. Another issue: MBAM uses a lot of resource for VXP - 190K and more - and really bogs down performance. When I tried to lower the priority, I was blocked: see screenshot. I've got MBAM set to "reduce priority" : see screenshot. Why am I blocked from lowering MBAM's priority? Is there a workaround, or is lowering its priority not advised? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Well, so far, so good. But this is just the same thing that happened after the last time I did a complete uninstall; a few months later the same thing started happening again. We'll see what happens! Time ... is the ONLY test. ;-)
  4. Ok, here are the resultant logs. Please advise. MBAM Scan results 2016-06-19.txt MBAM ScanLog results 2016-06-19.txt
  5. The original problem was that MBAM keeps stopping and I have to restart it. I've gone through the whole clean removal, etc, twice, but its still happening. So I was referred to this area by the other area of this Forum that was helping me with that issue.
  6. Hi! Ok, see attached! Addition.txt FRST.txt RogueKillerReport.txt
  7. Hello, Attached are the RKill and MBAM reports. Please advise Thanks! MBAM Scan results 2016-06-18.txt Rkill.txt
  8. Hi, Removing the virtual machine and recreating ... Is that going to keep Virtual XP from getting infected again? So sooner or later I'm going to end up back here again? Not mention the time involved in customizing the VXP and loading my emulation program and getting it up and running again. I'd rather find the problem and fix it. I'm running another MBAM threat scan which should be done in the next few min's.
  9. Hi, Now MBAM encountered a problem while scanning and popped up a message that it had to close. See screenshot. But when I clicked to close, the scanning continued! ???
  10. Hello Kevin! Thank you for stepping in I cannot copy the MBAM files to clipboard. See screenshot. What to do? I've tried this 4 times. Antivirus is disabled, however I'm using the free edition of Bitdefender and gzserv.exe is part of that. I've tried to end that process in Task Manager, but it says, "Access is denied". Please see screenshot.
  11. Hi Kevin, Thanks for stepping in! In step 3, I was told to "Run as Administrator". However that exact option, with that exact phrasing, doesn't come up. My user id is an Administrator account. I chose to run MBAM under my account, since I'm an Administrator. Did I do wrong? Is there an actual "Administrator" account that is hidden that I should be using? If so, how do I use "Administrator" as the user id, and what is the password for that account? Thanks!
  12. How do I not add it to the startup? There's no option to add, or not to add. So if I click Next, what do I do then? How to remove it from Startup? Thanks!
  13. Hi, When I tried to install ERUNT, there wasn't an option to not allow it to add an entry to the Startup folder. See attached. What to do?
  14. Also should I be running the fixes on both my Windows 7 pc and the virtual XP running under Windows 7, or, just on the virtual XP side of things?
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