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  1. As an addendum, the site that was being blocked and shows on my MBM logs was https://worldofspectrum.org but the file you showed earlier is from https://worldofspectrum.net which is a fake site that is not owned by the owner of https://worldofspectrum.org.
  2. Thanks, I have passed the info on to the site owner. Happy new year!
  3. wow thats quick work. Thanks. I can access the site now. Do you know what the cause was?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Do you know roughly how long this takes?
  5. I would like to report the above domain as a false positive block by MBM. The website owner has told me that there is nothing his end and he gets around 100,000 visits a month. It has been doing this for about a month.
  6. Here is the folder you requested attached. MBM updated this morning and appears to be no longer flagging notepad.exe. MBAMService.zip
  7. Hi cli. I ran the program as instructed but it caused a GSoD (I'm running Windows 10 Insider version).
  8. I have just been alerted by MBM for notepad.exe which is probably a false positive. I am on Windows 10 20206.1000 with MBM I note that this has been on going since 2012. swarfegafpnotepad.zip
  9. So I need to click the trash can to remove the main machine. How would I add this pc?
  10. This is only a temporary state of affairs until the main pc is back up so 14 days should be sufficient.
  11. hmm I appear not to have access to any of the pages in my account pages.
  12. Am I right in thinking that the un licensed version is not resident. it doesnt offer real time protection?
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