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  1. It looks like this problem was resolved (at least for me) after removing PIA. Thanks for the support.
  2. Ok, still happened on 1251. I've now uninstalled PIA to see if that helps.
  3. Not sure if it also happens in 1251, still need to reboot to finish installation, will let you know how it goes. Any plans on resolving the compatibility issues between MB and PIA?
  4. Here you go! Please note that these logs are collected after I read and applied the suggestion to use the beta update (1.0.1249 to 1.0.1251) so the crashes occurred on 1.0.1249. Also uploaded 2 minidumps from the BSOD crashes. The "C:\Windows\Memory.dmp" file does not exist. mbst-grab-results.zip minidump.zip
  5. Hi, is more information required on this issue? I'm having it too. MB updated itself today (about an hour ago) and minutes later it put my pc in a crash loop (NETIO.SYS BSOD). Analyzed the windows crashdumps with WinDbg and it points to MBAMService.exe.
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