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  1. I have my email notifications set to the below: Exploit threat detected, see details below: %THREAT_DETAILS% Total count: %TOTAL_COUNT%. I would like to add more detail to the above notification.. Is there a list of variables I can use? I would like to add mainly user name to the list
  2. Hi there I have the same issue. my Anti Exploit is the latest version.
  3. yes I run it as administrator. yes I agree with you.. Don't know why its asking me to install IIS 7.5
  4. Hi there, I am currently running Malware Bytes console version 1.4 and upgrading to 1.5 When I run the software it asks me to install IIS 7.5. I keep getting the following attached: Am I doing something wrong for the upgrade?
  5. Hi There, I have a problem when trying to generate reports from my Management console. The error is: Unable to access the report information. Any help please?
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