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  1. Alright..it's been made pretty clear the blocking is it's own function..separate from Why Where & What.. It's also been made apparent those functions are not currently implemented..& from the sound of it..will never be.. If I started to use a software firewall..I would move to using that exclusively..but I don't like things like ZoneAlarm.. Why & Where aren't nearly as important to me as What either.. Thanks for talking shop all the same :-)
  2. NullDC is a Dreamcast Emulator..site won't load at all
  3. I don't see an option to edit my post so..if it matter to you..it's a default plugin with Foobar too..not some custom 3P plugin
  4. Huh well it won't let me post the file without some text in the post..so here's some text ^^ foo_unpack.zip
  5. Thank you for your reply :-) In my opinion..identifying what process attempted to make contact would be instrumental in helping capable users detect local rogue applications.. --- Will these Logs tell me the process attempting to access the blocked IPs? --- This is just great..What I'd like to know is what browser..IM..P2P..attempted to access a malicious IP address
  6. Well a little good news the error popped up again when I restarted my computer..this time I got a screen shot it so at least you know it's legitimate ;-) Is there anything I can do to help more..I've ran scans before with 0 results..this has never occurred before since my database update to 2803 - 9.15.2009 It's the protection module catching it not the scans.. I've played this song before..on this machine..in Foobar..with Malwarebytes running..but I'll do what I can to help :-)
  7. I'm not sure what you recommend for the whole "Developer Mode" since it wasn't the scan that caught it..it was the Protection client.. Anyway Foobar2000 is a media player application -- http://www.foobar2000.org/ When I opened an mp3 of mine the Protection put up a warning that said Foo_Unpack.dll which is intended to allow me to listen to music that's compressed in a .zip, .rar, .7z..etc..& called it a Worm(Auto) I believe it was.. I ignored it but I don't see it in the ignore list..& I played the same track several times & can't get the warning to reproduce..
  8. When I first started to notice the IP blocks I didn't think much of them..since they surfaced while I was running a file sharing client.. Now that the feature had been implemented in Malwarebytes for awhile I'd like to make some requests.. I want to know 2 things.. Who the IP address belongs to & ideally why it was blocked.. And what process on my local machine is attempting the connection.. Unreasonable?
  9. So when using a file sharing client I notice the protection pops up a lot..that's fine & everything..what I'd like to see is identification of what it's blocking.. Is the intention..or even the current functionality unintentionally similar to say..PeerGuardian? are the IPs it's considering bad say..BayTSP..MediaSentry..etc.
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