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  1. Hi Pedro, I'll do that and in the meantime thanks very much for your support. Regards, Bonnie
  2. Hi Pedro, The funny thing is that my brother who has a desktop PC and also uses both Malwarebytes Exploit and GData never has any problem with getting exploit alerts, failing to open Office documents or not opening/crashing Firefox. I have an Asus laptop and we found out several times that some programs work differently on my laptop (for instance, if I reinstall an Acronis back-up, I get a black screen while the program is running, while my brother gets a regular Acronis progress screen. Maybe this is of any help. Thank you and regards, Bonnie
  3. I downloaded and ran MBAM: my computer is not infected. Next I tried to open Firefox: got an anti-exploit alert, tried again and Firefox crashed. The Winword-icon does open a new document, but I can't open existing Word-files anymore. The hourglass appears and disappaers evrey time I try, without opening the document. Please help, Bonnie
  4. Thanks for your response. I have GData version (26-9-2014). Yesterday, some hours after I had ran FRST, I checked GData: it had put NTUSER.DAT, located at: C:\ FRST\Hives\Users\00000001 in quarantaine. Maybe this is relevant? If not, I don't like to close GData, so a remote session might be an option. Thank you, Bonnie
  5. Hi pbust, I ran the utility FRST, (2 times to be sure), but it only created a FRST.txt, not an Attach.txt. Yesterday it also created, besides a FRST.txt, an addition.txt, now it doesn't. I'll attach the FRST.txt, and addition.txt. Please advise me how to get an attach.txt. Thank you for your patience, Bonnie FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Thanks for your message. Unfortunately I don't have a Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit in my laptop. Do you have any other solution? Thank you, Bonnie
  7. ok, I finally found it on my desktop, the txtfiles were in another location. Hope you got all you need. Thank you very much, Bonnie collect-mbae.zip
  8. I doubleclicked the GRAB-MBAE.ZIP, it created a grab-mbae folder, consisting of 1. grab-mbae windowsbatch and 2. zip (appilcation) I tried to attach 1.grab-mbae windowsbatch, got a red message that this wasn't allowed and got thrown out. I'll try to attach frst and addtion txtfiles now (There was no attach.txt) Pls advise how to get a Collect-MBAE.ZIP
  9. nb. can't find C:\Program Data\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, for MBAE logs directory in Windows 8.1 either. It isn't in C:\Program Files eiter Anyone? Thanks, Bonnie
  10. I am bombarded with MWBAE-warnings when trying to open Mozilla and Word. Running Malwarebytes doesn't help. I want to sent you the zipped MWBAE-logs registry, but can't find it. For XP you quote to zip: C:\DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\ApplicationData\MalwarebytesAnti-Exploit Can't find anything like that in Winndows 8.1. Please help. Thank you, Bonnie
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