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  1. I still haven't gotten anything from him
  2. Hello guys, I have finally returned to the forums and I wanted to edit my profile picture but it keeps saying I do not have permission to and I'm wondering why also can I have a my display name changed?
  3. Does buying the box version of Malwarebytes count? XD
  4. I am going to be honest, I did the host block thing so it doesn't block my lifetime pirated key that you usually get online. your probably asking why don't you just buy it! Well because I do NOT want to pay for a year licence I want it lifetime no extra charge. If you want provide me a lifetime licence that would be perfect Now i may purchase a 2 year licence. Until now I was having no issue updating the program even with the host block in place. I do apology if you think I am terrible person for NOT buying the program but I don't have money to do auto-renew. Thank you for understanding
  5. Yeah its not updating to the latest version. Malwarebytes 3.0 is so broken. Atleast 2.2 MBAM wasn't as broken
  6. No, I usually have no issue installing a beta the check for updates worked yesterday but today its broken. Are you wanting me to do ANOTHER clean install
  7. I've already done a full clean uninstall multiple times. My browser was closed. Still the issue remains
  8. Beta version still has the issue right when I booted up my pc. Malwarebytes Just fix it already
  9. Bump. Still having the check for updates issue will there be an update to resolve this for premium users?
  10. I just did a full reinstall still a same issue for premium. But no issue for free version
  11. Here you go MB-CheckResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. I just realized the guy with the issue to has a more up to date version than I do
  13. So I just restarted by hitting the restart button on my pc (Unless i was suppose to use Window's restart) Still didn't work
  14. Well when I updated my pc (which was 2 days ago) So yeah I did restart
  15. So my malwarebytes refuses to update everytime I hit check for updates it doesn't install any updates. It loads but then stops. Anyone else having this issue?
  16. One possible fix is Exit out of malwarebytes then restart the service in services then enter into Malwarebytes and try turning on web protection
  17. I am trying to do a application update but it keeps saying no updates available. When i'm pretty there is :/ my version is 1.0.50
  18. UPDATE: looks like quitting out of Malwarebytes and restarting the services is a fix. But seriously a average consumer isn't going to know this. The web protection is bugged or something cause it likes to turn it self off at times. Really annoying
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