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  1. I still haven't gotten anything from him
  2. Hello guys, I have finally returned to the forums and I wanted to edit my profile picture but it keeps saying I do not have permission to and I'm wondering why also can I have a my display name changed?
  3. Does buying the box version of Malwarebytes count? XD
  4. I am going to be honest, I did the host block thing so it doesn't block my lifetime pirated key that you usually get online. your probably asking why don't you just buy it! Well because I do NOT want to pay for a year licence I want it lifetime no extra charge. If you want provide me a lifetime licence that would be perfect Now i may purchase a 2 year licence. Until now I was having no issue updating the program even with the host block in place. I do apology if you think I am terrible person for NOT buying the program but I don't have money to do auto-renew. Thank you for understanding
  5. Yeah its not updating to the latest version. Malwarebytes 3.0 is so broken. Atleast 2.2 MBAM wasn't as broken
  6. No, I usually have no issue installing a beta the check for updates worked yesterday but today its broken. Are you wanting me to do ANOTHER clean install
  7. I've already done a full clean uninstall multiple times. My browser was closed. Still the issue remains
  8. Beta version still has the issue right when I booted up my pc. Malwarebytes Just fix it already
  9. Bump. Still having the check for updates issue will there be an update to resolve this for premium users?
  10. I just did a full reinstall still a same issue for premium. But no issue for free version
  11. Here you go MB-CheckResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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