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  1. Hi there, daledoc1... Thanks for your reply and advice. It was straight to the point and logical, so no reason for me to disagree with it. Damn home users can get picky at one time or another! Now that I know it performs checks behind the scenes, I'll leave it alone and let it do its thing. Take care and thanks
  2. The AWS outbound requests continue well after an update. I just disabled MBAM Scheduler since I don't need it. Lets see if the requests stop. If AWS requests were important, they would occur before or during the update process. On my side, they occur after... and are hence disposable.
  3. Hmmmm, what I see is: 1) myself clicking on update 2) requests fired off to Highwinds or EdgeCast 3) update downloads 4) update commits then... 5) outbound request to Amazon So... even if I have nothing in Automated Scheduler, MBAM will fire off update checks in the background?
  4. Hi... I am using MBAM Premium on Windows 7 x64. I can understand that MBAM updates via various Content Delivery Networks. However, I would like some information on why MBAM fires off a request to Amazon? At first I thought it just occured after every update. Upon reading my connection logs more closely, I noticed the Amazon outbound connection request happens on a regular basis. Typical response would be check for malware, viruses etc... so I spent half a day doing so which returned zero questionable results. I have attached a cut of a print screen of the last request to Amazon. If you require more, I can leave the PC on and accumulate results. If I had to take a guess, I would say it is a scheduler of some kind. Although my Automated Scheduling tab is empty, and there is nothing in Windows Task Scheduler that related to MBAM. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  5. Damn, just when I was looking to use MBAM to scan stuff downloaded via Internet Download Manager! Oh well *fingers crossed it arrives soon*
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