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  1. Even though I didn't originally post about this topic seeking specific product information, "Staff" responses have been wonderfull beyond expectations (to say the least). After reading these I would like to offer this simple suggestion (which in all likelyhood is already pending implementation): Create a line in the licensed mbam installation file that asks if the user wants to add mbae free trial, problem solved. Thanks again for the great information!
  2. Thank you for these responses, respectively. I consider this post solved.
  3. 1. I have a mbam (premium) license. Considering $$$ mbae. I've noticed mbae checks for mbam running. Can these two services run with one license? If someone has purchased mbam why would they not want mbae anyway? So, why don't I already have the protection offered by mbae? "Because you haven't bought it yet you idiot!" Yeah I know, but do you follow? (See topic title) 2. Are there any unresolved product compatibility issues with running MBAM & MBAE with NIS on this: AMD A6-6310 APU w/AMD Radeon R4 1.8GHz 8GB 64bit Win 8.1? I haven't selected exceptions w/in NIS for MBAM, have both programs configured aggressively, and am unaware of any problems with either service as a result. *Thank You for your time and consideration, btw any answers to the above will not affect your final grade because I have already failed this class for asking:(
  4. Even though I was already running version, it appears that your suggested fix has worked. Many Thanks for the quick yet thorough response. Excellent work!
  5. If I exit mbam, it fakes that it's closed (still open in task man/resource mon. win8.1 64) When opened again, it creates a new duplicate process (another instance of mbam that won't close), and the process can be repeated indefinetely. System restart solves problem as long as I don't manually open mbam again after restart. Any thoughts?
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