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  1. Thanks for giving me your time. I had some issues uninstalling Malwarebytes in safe mode. The uninstall froze several times until i closed the "MBAMWsc" process, then it could finish the uninstall. I've reinstalled and scanned and here is the results. The startup entry is no longer broken after reinstalling Malwarebytes. It looks like this now: "C:/PROGRAM FILES/MALWAREBYTES/ANTI-MALWARE\mbamtray.exe" Do you have any idea what could've caused it to break the autostart entry if it was not some form of infection? scan.txt
  2. Hello. I was running a "threat scan" with Malwarebytes tonight and it got stuck on a Windows .DLL file. I figured I would leave it for a while and browse a bit, but quickly found out that my PC was semi-frozen. I couldn't open new programs or close already opened ones, nor could I cancel the scan. I waited a bit and decided to use the reset button on the case and when Windows loaded back up I noticed that Malwarebytes didn't start automatically anymore. I looked in the startup entries within task manager and saw an entry called "PROGRAM", I wondered what it was and toggled the command li
  3. Okay, thanks. Could you or someone else please edit the first post to remove the link to the .zip file?
  4. Hey, I just figured I'd do a scan since it'd been a while, an,d it really freaked me out when it detected 1187 trojans in my recycle bin, haha. I did some lurking through the recycle bin and determined that the only thing in there with so many files would be one of the Minecraft "world" folders I had in there. I deleted them from the recycle bin and ran the scan again, nothing found this time. Just to be sure I figured I'd scan a copy of the folder I had outside the recycle bin, but it got back clean. I then removed the folder(back into the recycle bin), did another scan, and it got back wi
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