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  1. Thanks for the assurance, CWilliams. Rescanned with the updated definitions db and all is clear again on my Nexus tablet.
  2. This issue is still being reported each time Malwarebytes Mobile scans on my Nexus 7. I'm guessing that since others have used additional scanners and come up clean, it's a false positive specific to the N7s running Android 5.0.2. All the same, can someone from Malwarebytes reply to this thread to confirm whether it's a false positive on our Nexus devices or whether we should just kick our devices back to factory to get rid of a legitimate infection?
  3. I should add that I too am using a Nexus 7, and I updated to Lollipop within the last week, so maybe it's a false detection due to something on the Nexus 7 devices or Nexus devices running Lollipop? Also, I have only installed Adobe Photoshop within the last couple of days, through the Google Play store, which Malwarebytes Mobile ok'd. So, I don't think that's the culprit, however, on Friday, I did update a number of apps through the Play store - Gmail, Google, Google Maps, My Fitness Pal, and some others. Maybe those updates caused Malwarebytes to think I have an infection? Bp1945 - did you
  4. My Mobile Malwarebytes notified me of an android/trojan.smspy.hy detection in /system/app/BasicSmsReceiver/BasicSmsReceiver.apk. When I select it and then the Delete button, however, Malwarebytes asks me if I want to uninstall the app and then fails to remove it when I confirm the removal. I can't find anything about this detection via a search on Google or Malwarebytes.org. Is this a valid detection or possibly a false positive? If valid, what are my next steps?
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