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  1. Below see an actual call for help from a client. If anyone can shed light on who these people are under their mask, please let me an everyone know. This text is supplied with the permission of my client. Hello Ron, FYI. Here is the email that I sent yesterday to TechBuddies Online, Inc.. I sent it by forwarding the message from the invoice they sent me (at the end). I will send you their reply; I wanted you to see my email format and the invoice ~ Ellen [credentials removed] Subject: PROBLEM!!!! RE: TechBuddies Online, Inc Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation Importance: High To TechBuddies Online, Inc., This e-mail is high importance! Please forward to administrative staff immediately. Your company (TechBuddies Online, Inc.) called me and insisted that my computer was not safe, and the staff stated that it is imperative to “fix it”; they said that they monitor the computer for problems. I had AVAST software on the machine and it runs constantly with no problems however believed TechBuddies Online, Inc. and allowed them to provide services. Unfortunately, now my computer will not start after the services TechBuddies Online, Inc. performed on February 6, 2015!!!!!!!!! Here are the details: Yesterday morning, Friday, February 6, 2015 at around 8 AM I was informed (telephone call) that my computer was not safe and immediate action was needed. I hesitated initially however after imperious comments from the staff I allowed Catherine W [credentials removed] from TechBuddies Online, Inc. to remotely access my computer to fix “problems” that she identified and listed for me on the screen in a WordPad document; I printed out the WordPad document that she generated. She said that TechBuddies Online, Inc. will fix the following “problems” with the services (my comments are listed in italic): Remove all the errors and warning (Subsequent to TechBuddies Online, Inc. services I obtained more information on the eventvwr findings that she showed me during the tech session and I now know that these were not serious warnings)Remove all the hackers / Trojan viruses (I now know there were no viruses on the machine; see below comments)Secure network (not done; machine not working)Microsoft tools (After TechBuddies Online, Inc. installed these programs, they told me that I needed to purchase them; they did not inform me of a fee upfront)Antihacking (not done; machine not working)Banking /ip / email protector (not done; machine not working)Catherine stated that the license key is in my name and the One-time fix – 1 year is = $199 (and this cost includes one year tech support) Or Lifetime – free tech support - $299 I selected the One-Time Fix. I allowed remote access to provide the services and Catherine and the “other” Senior Technicians (Frank, said that my computer was not safe, it was harmful that is why they are calling) did the following: Removed my secure AVAST software program Installed: Microsoft Security Essentials PC Fix Errors Banking Protectoremail ProtectorNetwork Protector After installing of all of these programs on my computer, Catherine said that everything was OK, no viruses were found, and there is a fee for the programs and the fee included technical support from TechBuddies Online, Inc. for 1 year; if technical support was needed I just call her at the provided phone number ([credentials removed]). She advised me (and demonstrated) to right click on these programs (tools), select run as administrator, and run them weekly, and if I have any problems to call for support. Well, I restarted the computer and it will not boot and load windows. I immediately called Catherine back and then she forwarded my call to a Technician who told me to push down on the F8 key constantly before the windows screen came up and I did so. This did not work. I was then transferred to Robin and he said that he will refund my money back (credit me for the $199 cost); I said you must do more than that, my machine will not even start! After several follow-up phone call attempts to TechBuddies Online, Inc. they are no longer taking my calls, I believe that my number is going right to voice mail. I am very concerned, frustrated, and distressed about this issue! My computer was running fine until TechBuddies Online, Inc. installed the software and performed these services; my computer will not start and TechBuddies Online, Inc. is responsible to repair or replace this machine! When I purchased the “tools” and “services” I paid you in good faith for a product and service, and now you are “crediting me” and leaving me with no computer! I just recently purchased this $1,000 computer and without it I will not be able to conduct my business! TechBuddies Online, Inc. is responsible for this problem and the loss of my business associated with the inability to have access to my computer! Because TechBuddies Online, Inc. is not taking my calls I have no option but to hire a professional computer technician to examine my computer and see if it can even be fixed. I require a computer to conduct business. This repair or replacement cost for my computer is TechBuddies Online, Inc. responsibility because the services provided by TechBuddies Online, Inc. created the problem. I will await your reply and take further actions as indicated. [crendentials removed] [credentials removed] Subject: TechBuddies Online, Inc Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation Thank you for your order! Order Information Merchant: TechBuddies Online, Inc Description: software support
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